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Linda Coad CPA, PA Has Officially Gone Green!

We have finally made the leap to a totally paperless office. A transition like this doesn’t happen overnight. We have strengthened and improved our file storage and backup procedures and created a secure file exchange website specifically for sharing electronic data over the internet safely. We have been working diligently over the past few years to embrace the constantly changing technological advancements available to help us save energy and natural resources.

To be completely successful in this resource saving endeavor, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. We will no longer make paper copies of your tax records for our files; everything will be stored electronically. If you are able to provide electronic copies of your tax records required to prepare your tax returns, please send them to us via our secure file exchange at If an electronic copy isn’t feasible, please provide copies rather than originals of your tax records and we will convert them into electronic copies for our files. This time and resource savings process will also help us keep the costs to prepare your return down. Finally, your copies of the tax returns we prepare for you will be provided in electronic form through our secure file exchange website

If you require a bound printed copy, please contact us.


Electronic Filing of All Returns When Available

Under the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009, Linda Coad CPA, PA is required to electronically file federal income tax returns prepared and filed for individuals, trusts, and estates. We will, therefore, file all tax returns electronically if available with the related taxing authority. If you have concerns or objections to filing your returns electronically, please contact us to discuss paper filing options.


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